Ministry Training Academy

The Ministry Training Academy of the International Churches of Christ

Biblical Preaching and Teaching

This class teaches the student how to develop powerful and practical sermons and classes from the biblical text based upon proven principles of exposition.  

Required Reading:

Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson. 

Before you come to class, complete the following prerequites: 

  1. Read Biblical Preaching by Haddon Robinson
  2. Watch the lecture videos on Biblical Preaching (available below)
  3. Prepare a short document based on the outline below

Please complete a short document which will include your Sermon Outline (as per the book's recommendation) as well as the following information:

  1. Your sermon's Big Idea (exegetical),
  2. Your sermon's Big Idea (homiletical), 
  3. A quick analysis of your audience's needs
  4. Sermon Purpose (what moral change do you strive to affect)
  5. Sermon Style (and why you chose that style)

Be ready to hand in this document with your sermon outline and discuss it during class. Also be ready to preach a 5 minute section of your sermon (assuming that your sermon will be approximately 25-40 minutes in total length).

A preview of the workflow for developing expository sermons

A preview of the workflow for developing expository sermons

Class One: Overview of Workflows for Preparation of Expository Sermons

Class Two: Start With a Careful Study of the Biblical Text

Class Three: Developing a Compelling  Big Idea from the Text - plus the all too often neglected question: What do I want to accomplish by preaching thi s sermon?!

Fourth Lecture on Choos ing A  Sermon Style (and we're not just talking about three points or four points) 

Fifth   Class on Moving from Sermon Flow (or Style) to Sermon Outline

Final Lecture on Spot on Sermon Illustrations,  Transitions, plus Introduction & Conclusion