Ministry Training Academy

The Ministry Training Academy of the International Churches of Christ

More Content Continues to Arrive!

We've been busy producing and uploading content for our core courses. Check out some of the newest offerings:

  • John Lusk has just completed a series of lectures with notes for Biblical Exegesis I. All his lectures and notes are available here
  • Ed Anton has made his teaching series on The Making of a Disciple along with all worksheets and notes available here.
  • Steve Kinnard and Rolan Monje recently taught Old Testament Exegesis to the New York School of Missions. All of the notes and lectures are now available here.

The Shield of MTA

Blue MTA Shield.png

The shield of MTA features the Biblical Greek word, Katartismos (to be equipped, well trained, or prepared from Ephesians 4:12). We feature it on our shield because it captures the aim of the academy - to equip ministers for works of service. The root provides us the English word "artisan." This also reflects the means by which our academy seeks to equip ministers. Rather than lean on classroom academics we model our training after classic the apprenticeship (which produces artisans) Jesus and His disciples.

MTA Board Finalizes Curriculum

The MTA Board — whose members include G. Steve Kinnard (Chairman), Valdur Koha, Edward Anton, Douglas Arthur, John Louis, Mike Fontenot, Tess Fontenot, Karen Louis, Robin Williams, Ron Brumley, Sam Laing,  and John Brush — finalized the training curriculum for evangelists and women's ministry leaders for our family of churches. Here's a link for the document that explains the program.