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Old Testament Survey-Historical, Book-By-Book Treatment of the OT

This course is a survey of the entire Old Testament in the context of its history, geography, and culture.


Dr. G. Steve Kinnard, Dean of Ministry and Bible, Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology. Adjunct Professor of Bible, Lincoln Christian University.

Dr. Rolan Monje, Professor of OT, Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology. 


      The Old Testament is an amazing body of literature. As an expression of the religious life and thought of ancient Israel, it is a foundational document of Western civilization.  More than a collection of stories and sayings, the Old Testament is a spiritual compass. The events of those years, when interpreted correctly, give us an accurate understanding of the hour in which we currently live and the reality of the need for prophetic voices in our day.  

      For Christians, studying the Old Testament is a journey into the heart of God, to the “roots” of faith, giving inspiration and direction. Israel’s story, feelings, and learning, become our own. In the end, one comes to realize that the text truly is revelation from God and of God himself.   

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to acquire a good knowledge of, and/or skills as described below: 

  1. To understand the chronology, structures, and themes of the Old Testament. This includes seeing how Old Testament narratives reveal God’s hand in Israel’s history. 
  2. To recognize various literary genres of the Old Testament. This includes an awareness of the vast differences between ancient cultural forms and the modern world. 
  3. To appreciate the relationship of the Old Testament with the New Testament.  
  4. To grasp the missional value of the Old Testament and be able to preach effectively from it. 
  5. To inspire in others a passion for reading and studying the Scriptures. 

General Course Requirements 

OT101 requires timely completion of the following course requirements: 

  1. Required Reading 
  2. Final Exam  
  3. During the semester, prepare and deliver a lesson/sermon from the Old Testament. 

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