Ministry Training Academy

The Ministry Training Academy of the International Churches of Christ

Old Testament Survey-Topical Treatment of the Old Testament

Teacher: Dave Pocta



This course is a comprehensive survey of scriptures, culture, and narrative of the Old Testament.  Special consideration will be given to the unity and theology of the Old Testament.  Specific attention will be given to proper context and exegesis of the Old Testament Scriptures as well as putting them into their historical and textual context.


To demonstrate an understanding of the significant issues involved in a survey of the history, content, and literary forms of the Old Testament Scriptures by making at least a “B” (80%) in the course.

The objectives of this class is that upon completing this course each student will be able:

  1.     Be introduced to the narrative, the Abrahamic promises, and Christ in the Old Testament.  
  2.     To gain a deeper understanding of the Old Testament, it’s development and canonization.
  3.     To acquire a general understanding of the historical, cultural, and geographic background in the world of the Old Testament
  4.     To be changed by your encounter with the Old Testament. To develop a deeper appreciation for the Old Testament and to see it as a source for spiritual nourishment.


Reading, survey questions, class participation, exam, and Old Testament survey project.


1) A “skim-read” of the entire Old Testament. This reading show be at the macro-level. Consider the meta-narrative (the big picture). Do not get bogged down with details! The goal of this reading is to give you perspective to answer the six questions for the pre-class assignment. 

2) BOOK: Jacoby, Douglas, A Quick Overview of the Bible. Chapters 4-15. Harvest House, 2012. ISBN-978-0-7369-4424-3. 

* Students are required to obtain the book for themselves. It is available on Kindle.


1. Reading Assignments 

Textbook readings and Old Testament reading are to be completed before class begins .

2. Pre-Class Assignment

Answer the six questions on the assignment, OTS Pre-Class Assignment. Do not use any outside resource for help. Answer from your own reading of the Bible. Follow the word restrictions closely!

3. Old Testament Survey Project

The student will be required to submit a project demonstrating a practical application of the material they have learned in class that can be used in their ministry. This could be a Bible Study, article, Bible Talk series, sermon series, etc.  There is tremendous flexibility in this project but effort, grammar, and formatting will be considered in grading. 

4. Final Exam

Formatting & Grammar Requirements

See file entitled, MTA Formatting Requirements and MTA Cover Page Template.


For purposes of evaluation, class participation and assignments will be weighted as follows:

Attendance/Participation        15%

MTA Old Testament Survey Questions (Q)    20%

Book & Old Testament Reading        20%

Final Project (FP)        15%

Final Exam (FE)        30%


  • Any attempt to misrepresent a student’s work, including plagiarism, is basis for dismissal from class and/or the Ministry Training Academy.
  • Assignments will be accepted late.  However, work that is turned in late will receive a lower grade. The grade may be dropped as much as 10% each day that the work is late.
  • Each student should make a copy of his written work as submitted work may not be returned.